The rainforest is an ecosystem rich with life and diversity – a fragile system which can be damaged by harmful emissions.

Manatee Amazon Explorer respects the Amazon rainforest, aiming to carry our passengers around the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin with a minimum of effect on the river itself. We maintain high standards in disposing of waste materials and monitoring our energy usage, doing our utmost to minimize the impact of our ship on the river water.

Our continuing commitment to ensuring our vessel is as environmentally friendly as possible ensures that passengers on the Manatee Amazon Explorer cruise will be able to enjoy the Yasuni National Park, the Pañacocha Protected Forest, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and the Limoncocha Biological Reserva – without worrying about the effects of their holiday on the environment – preserving these beautiful locations for future visitors.

We are conscious of the impact that the industry has on the environment, and that is why we have chosen to apply responsible and sustainable practices in our operation. We want to make sure that quality service is not compromised, and still minimize our footprint. Some of our responsible practices include:
We treat water with ozone instead of chemicals. That way we avoid involuntary water contamination and accidental poisoning.
We have limited water use for cleaning the vessel, laundry services, and personal use. We also ask our guests to let us know of laundry needs only when necessary, and to enjoy shorter showers.
We provide biodegradable amenities in our cabins, as well as biodegradable cleaning products on board.
For our excursions, we provide guests with refillable water bottles to minimize the use of disposable material and therefore, reduce the amount of waste.
We work with a recycling process for paper, plastic and organic waste. We use different containers and separate the residues that got mixed before we take it to port where it is taken care of by the city.
Since the vessel is powered with both regular and diesel fuel, we have made an effort to use equipment that will reduce the consumption level of this fuel, like our energy saving light bulbs.
Our engines work under European standards and regulations.
We also have out board motors of 4 strokes which help save fuel and also help with noise reduction.
We also capacitate our personnel constantly to maintain safe practices for both passengers as well as environment, as well as constant community capacitating.
As each tour departs, we calculate our shipments to reduce the unnecessary surplus, and therefore reducing the possibility of generating more waste.

All of our shipment containers are carefully sealed to avoid having foreign objects and/or animals in our cargo.

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