“Unique way to explore a remote area of the world”

“Unique way to explore a remote area of the world”
Reviewed 31 December 2011
We took the 5 day / 4 night trip on the Manatee. It’s a unique opportunity to see a part of the world in relative comfort, that not many people get to see at all. It’s a great way to extend a trip to the Galapagos, but be sure to start with the Amazon first. Otherwise, the Galapagos will spoil you for wildlife sightings, which on the Amazon are much more typical.

We were pleasantly surprised by 3 things on the Manatee: the food, the shower and the availability of WiFi. The food was typically Ecuadorian and very good. The futuristic new shower capsules are right out of the Jetson’s. In the evenings after they tie up along shore, they provide WiFi access throughout the ship.

You’ll want to take a lot of pictures on the walks and powered canoe rides. Be sure to bring your longest lens. I’m attaching a picture taken from the clay licks with a 300mm (6x) lens. I would recommend a mega-zoom camera with a 25x or 35x lens. To take movies at the clay lick bring a tripod.

Overall, I felt the crew and guides worked very hard to be sure we had a great experience!

Room Tip: Ask for a room with the renovated shower/bath.

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