Time flies and march it is almost at its end, the new year 2013 bring us a lot of new cruising explorations and expeditions, starting January we were very happy to receive a group of students from the University of North Carolina, USA, they have the chance to spend one night camping in the middle of the Jatuncocha Lake inside of the Yasuni National Park, Kayaking, swimming stargazing, and many more things, they have a very enjoyable exploration cruise.

Follow that month SAGA continues with it is exclusive program In To The Amazon with the Manatee for the 5th consecutive year and all their clients enjoy very much cruising in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin onboard the Manatee.
We have a new menu, designed by the ecuadorian Chef Sebastian Villavicencio, a new mixture of amazon products will henhance your experience on board.

As in many occasions, we are continuing supporting indigenous communities in providing free transportation to their homes, scholarships to students
who wants to learn ecoturism and as always giving advice in their own ecoturism projects.

This 2013 we want to see you cruising with us and enjoying the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin.
See you soon !!!
Captain on board

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